Advent 2, year A

The commonality between the three readings, excluding the Psalm, can be seen on different levels. Spirit. Unity. Of course, the spirit is the source of unity.

St Paul speaks of and to a church of Jew and gentile, united by and around her lord. Unity. And he appeals to the scriptures, essentially the Old Testament, which was written for our edification, as the source of this understanding of this unity. The scripture in our reading this week references how the Gentiles will find peace through the god of Israel. Our reading cuts short, and only lists one such reference, but there are more in the following text, one of which is directly from the first reading in Isaiah.

This first reading speaks of this mysterious stump, which buds. It was dead, but is alive. The promise of the Judaic kingdom remains. The spirit rests on this figure (baptism of Jesus). And in him the Gentiles shall hope, it says.

In the gospel, just prior to the baptism of Jesus, John is baptizing. He wears clothes that evoke Elijah the prophet, who was to precede the messiah’s entrance onto the scene. And he says to the Pharisees that they need no longer rely on their abrahamic lineage, for if necessary, god could raise up children to Abraham from these stones. And indeed, that is what he did. The Gentiles were incorporated. Brought into the body. Engrafted into the olive tree. But the axe lies at the root, so repent and bear fruit worthy of the gospel, lest the same fate befall you. The church cannot be thrown off, but you can.

Repent. Bear fruit. Serve unity through the joy of the gospel, in the spirit.


~ by Rob on December 7, 2013.

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