Book recommendation

Protestant.  Catholic.  Pope.  Scripture.  Bible alone.  Tradition of men.  Whore.  Babylon.  Mary.  Mediatrix.  Redemptrix.  Immaculate Conception.  Assumption.  Confession.  Penance.  Sacrament.  Eucharist.  Transubstantiation.  Pelagian.  Mortal sin.  Works salvation.  Justification.  Faith alone.  Worship of saints.  Latria.  Dulia.  Hyperdulia.  Priest.  Father.  Rome.  Roman.  Romish.  Infallibility.

Just making sure I catch your search terms.  OK, now.  Read Pope Benedict’s book, Jesus of Nazareth.  You’ll learn a lot.  That is all.


~ by Rob on March 4, 2010.

2 Responses to “Book recommendation”

  1. lol. 🙂 indeed, it is a good book… probably deserves two readings or more.

  2. LOL… it’s already on my amazon wish list 🙂

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