We watched the first episode of V last night.  It was good enough for us to come back for a second view, but not enough to commit to anything long term yet.  That or we were making such fun of it that that was enough to bring us back for more.  Juliet From Lost is in it, melodramatic as ever, looking off into the distance pensively.  There’s a scene where she goes down a trap door into a dark subterranean tunnel, and you’re like, hmmmm, where have I seen this before?  There’s also another Party of Five Guy (POFG) in the show (though not Jack Shepherd this time), increasing the sense of deja vu.

As for the rest, we couldn’t figure out if the show was trying to rip modern culture, or if the writers were so immersed in it that they didn’t realize how shallow it is.  In the first interaction you see between the V and humans, POFG hits on the leader of the V, and she hits right back.  Really?  This is how things start between two alien cultures?  And then the aliens are especially well-loved once they promise to provide “universal health care”.  Really?  And the V have these ridiculously cheesy “We are…” slogans.  And the first time the V show up at all, the humans…clap.  What universe is this?  Has no one watched any alien movies in this alter-universe?  Do they not know what inevitably happens next?  Later, we are told that the aliens were so well received because they showed up at a very opportune time.

OK.  So, granted, I’m not a great big Obama fan, to say the least (you’re like, whoa dude, where did that come from?).  But I was unaware that I was a lunatic conspiracy theorist.  And that’s what I must be, because everything I’ve written in the previous paragraph (other than the mutual hitting) makes me think that the writers are very transparently using Obama and his cronies as their template for this alien invasion.  But that can’t be, because it’s on regular TV and slamming The Holy One is pretty much up there as the 11th Thou Shall Not.  So I guess I’m a loony.  Which, you know, at least I now know where I stand and who I am.


~ by Rob on November 13, 2009.

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