Father Cutie

I have been surpised about how little play the whole Father Cutie incident has received in Catholic circles.  It is true that I don’t check that many blogs anymore, and so it possible that I have simply missed the discussion.  However, it certainly received play in the MSM.  Which is to be expected.  A hot Catholic priest from South Beach leaves the Church over indiscretions of a vow-breaking nature, joins the Episcopal Church (!), and marries his little lady.  This irks me on so many levels. 

1) I have attended Mass at his parish.  He was a good priest.  He had a huge and orthodox (if perhaps a bit mushy) ministry.  He was hot, celibate and orthodox.  He was a poster child for a vibrant, young, relevant Catholicism.  He was one of us.  So I feel slightly more betrayed by him than when some loony Shera of a priest goes all Episcopagan.

2) Episcopalian?  Really?  Specifically, in a diocese that…blows.  This is the more disturbing part for me.  It betrays such a fundamental lack of understanding of who and what he was and still is.  They have no Holy Orders.  No Eucharist.  They affirm pretty much every Pelvic Disorder.  Which, of course, they are free to do.  I don’t care what Episcopalians do, but I do care that an apparently good and orthodox and dynamic Catholic priest can so easily be led to repudiate (charitably interpreted) what he once held dear. 

Now he’s in an invalid marriage, and once he is “ordained” he will be illicitly confecting and distributing the Eucharist (provided form, matter and intent are maintained).  May Our Lord grant this man repentance and clarity.


~ by Rob on June 19, 2009.

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