Michael Berg reflects on the formative sexual relationship he had with older woman Hanna Schmitz as a young teenager in this poignant drama set in post-World War II Germany. The passionate affair ended when Hanna disappeared.

That’s how the movie, The Reader, is described on Netflix.  We received it because it had been nominated for all sorts of stuff.  We hadn’t heard of it, though, as we haven’t heard of many things, being way out of the Media Circle.  In fact, to my shame, I hadn’t even read the description before queuing it up.  Anyway, we received this movie at the same time as Doubt, which had been recommended on relatively high authority, despite the subject.  To those who don’t know, Doubt is about the doubt surrounding allegations about a Catholic priest’s dealings with a certain boy.

The irony is that Doubt is a movie that doesn’t work, except on the obvious assumption that sexual dealings with children are heinous sins.  Check.  And yet, reread the description of The Reader.  A passionate affair between a child and an older woman.  It would seem that sexual dealings with children in some situations are heinous, but in others, they amount to “passionate affairs”.  Check.  What gives, I ask.  It would seem that pedophilia is heinous when Catholics do it, but not when others do it.  Or that it is heinous when men do it, but not when women do it.  Or something.

Anyway, as Mark Shea says, the day is fast coming when the Church will be shouted down, not for committing such sins, but for standing againt them.


~ by Rob on May 30, 2009.

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