Recruiters Are Such Pests

In my job search, I have applied for numerous positions that have been posted by recruiters.  I have yet to have a good experience with a single one of them.  They are degrading pests.  The typical run will go something like this: Apply for the job; speak to the recruiter; be told how great I am and how sure he is they’ll want to talk to me; ask me to forward a slightly modified version of the resume; forward said version; never hear from them again.

I understand that they are in it to make money, and like everyone else, they have to prioritize their activities.  However, there is a slight difference, in that they are dealing in human hopes, dreams, fears and sorrows.  The way you, O Pestilent Nuissance, treat the potential job candidate should be a priority.  They should be treated with respect, the minimum amount of respect being a a short email saying something like, “sorry, it didn’t work out, we’ll keep you in mind.”  That took me 30 seconds to write.  It could take you less, if you copied and pasted it from the last such email you sent.  The point being, it wouldn’t take much of an investment of time to actually do someone the courtesy of letting them know that things didn’t work out.  And, mark this, doing it would set you apart from the pack of other Pestilent Nuissances as Someone To Recommend And Work With In The Future, If Possible.

However, the Pestilent Nuissance Syndrome was taken to a whole new level of unprofessionalism by one Solon Frazilus.  I have a few other things on my plate right now, and so I removed my name from consideration for a job in North Jersey.  Plus, once I saw the job description, which they withold until you’ve already applied, I figured out that I was waaaaay underqualified.  There’s a reason people pay other people twice what they pay me.  And it ain’t dumb luck.  So, and note this, I contacted him to let him know I was no longer interested, because, you know, that’s common courtesy.  And he wrote back:

You have six years of experience in human health toxicology and risk assessments.  You also have exposure to OTC products, the appropriate regulatory bodies and have the required degree.  Additionally, when we spoke you said that you were comfortable relocating to northern NJ.  Based on this information and how you chose to respond, I have to assume that you decided to approach them directly.

Solon Frazilus, PHR

Uh, no, actually.  I’m not a Pestilent Nuissance.  Nor am I an unprofessional hack.  I don’t lie to people to manipulate them for my ends.  I don’t scheme and back-door people.  But seen as that is how you treat people, I can see why you expect people to treat you that way.  You should try taking your clients at their word.  You unprofessional hack.


~ by Rob on April 7, 2009.

One Response to “Recruiters Are Such Pests”

  1. ugh.. recruiters = bottom feeders.

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