Pope Does it Again

Just when I think our Pope has run out of mad genius, he always manages to dig down way deep and pull out some more of the goods.  In this case, I refer, of course, to the latest round of venom being spewed in his direction.  That his remarks on the use of condoms to fight the African AIDS epidemic have managed to elicit condemnation from both the French and the Germans is the final nail in the coffin.  I have respected him immensely until now.  But now my view of him has been raised to something bordering on the sacrilegious.  He is my idol, in the contemporary slang sense.  I would never want to be him.  But there is not a single soul on the planet that I could ever respect more.  I love him.  I always did.  But now I ***LOVE*** him.

He is a sign of contradiction.  He will speak the truth, damn the consequences.  And the swirling winds of hell that seemingly constantly surround him are only further proof that he is a most resplendant witness of Christ himself.  The demonic hordes know exactly where lies their greatest threat.  And woe to the world for joining their feeding frenzy.

I am not a big fan of demon-speak.  I have always shied away from attributing to the devil that which is very easily attributed to human mischief, stupidity or just plain ole sin.  But this most recent tempest surrounding the Pope just reeks of hell.  Because, from my vantage point, all I see are people so wrapped up in the Western Sexual Non-Ethic that the Pope’s words seem to them to be an attack on them.  His words seem to be like garlic to a vampire.  Or like the Cross to a demon.  Just shrieking hordes.

There is no rational response to what he says, except to the extent a blood-thirsty mob can be described as rational.  The piling on, the tone in which the piling-on is carried out demonstrates, to me, that there is more to the world’s disagreement than just a disagreement over facts.  It’s almost like they feel personally attacked.  Like when you go after a tiger cub.  Mamma gets a little ticked.  Sexual license is their little tiger cub.  So please don’t around suggesting that permissive sexual behaviors have anything to do with AIDS.  Or we’ll go all fight-flight on yer ass.

I would be very open to an open dialogue about the science on this subject.  But it really seems that this is a subject upon which, for whatever reason, no one can be objective.  Both sides claim science as their ally, but no one ever seems to actually know the studies (except these guys).  They’ve been told the science is on their side, but haven’t bothered to double-check.  And so you get mealy-mouthed nonsense from the French about how the Pope is unscientific and intolerant (their greatest curse).  Intolerant?  What’s that got to do with anything?  “You’re unscientific.”  “No, you’re unscientific.”  “Nuh-uh.”  “Yah-huh.”  “Well your momma’s ugly.”

Anyway, our glorious leader continues on his way peacefully, pointing us all to Christ.  Speaking the truth to an unthinking and uncomprehending world.  Just like Someone Else did 2000 years ago.  And I hope he doesn’t meet the same fate.

Long live the Pope!


~ by Rob on March 19, 2009.

5 Responses to “Pope Does it Again”

  1. I see that on his current visit to Africa, Pope Benedict has repeated his critique of Islam regarding irrationalism and propagation by violence, though in a more low-key way than at Regensburg.

    Hopefully the easily-offended ones will refrain from any reprisals.

  2. They yell because they cannot let the truth be found out and the Pope speaks the truth.

    Even the Wikipedia is forced to admit that the pregnancy prevention failure rate is 10-18% for condom use and even with perfect use its about 2%. That is of course for non spermicidal ones if I recall correctly. Its a lot easier to get AIDS or an STD than it is to get pregnant and spermicidal doesn’t do anything to prevent STDs etc. I believe Wiki ultimately gets its numbers from CDC even if not stated.

    Now Russian Roulette with a six shot revolver only kills you 16% of the time.

    When the odds are roughly equal if you happen to have an infected partner why is Russian Roulette foolhardy but condom use supposed to save the world ?

    Reason is blinded by something, the passions at a minimum the demonic forces at the other end.

  3. Anonymous, I regard Regensburg as one of the pope’s triumphs. And all the more so because the “world” does not understand it. There is a virtual torrent of inter-religious dialogue with the Muslims all of a sudden. Why? Regensburg. To be sure, there were discussions beforehand, but not nearly the same volume. That Regensburg is counted as a “mishap” (not by you) by some is more indicative of where they are at, than he.

    luciasclay, yep.

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