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But the Vatican’s position [on evolution] became somewhat confused in recent years, in part because of a 2005 New York Times op-ed piece signed by a close Benedict collaborator, Austrian Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn.

In the piece, Schoenborn seemed to reject traditional church teaching and backed intelligent design, the view that life is too complex to have developed through evolution alone, and that a higher power has had a hand in changes among species over time.

Oh great gobs and mountains of pure gobbledygook, how can I ever dream of reaching thy glorious heights!

1) What is this “traditional church teaching” of which you speak, oh valiant Knight of Truth?  Evolution?  Look, dude, I ain’t on board with the whole 6-day thing, nor with the whole ID of the Gaps thing either.  But to call evolution the “traditional” teaching is a bit of a stretch.

2) I read Schoenborn’s piece, and he did not back ID.  Sure, he used the words “intelligent” and “design” in close proximity.  And true, this was a sort of acoustical cue for you to hit your Vatican-Stands-In-The-Way-Of-Truly-True-Science macro, but he endorse no such theory as ID.  Rather…

3) He merely mentioned that, you know, as Catholics who, you know, believe in a Creator God, we surely do see evidence of…wait for it…design in the universe.  That we are not, in fact, the products of mere blind chance.  That whatever process he chose to use to make us, and make no mistake, evolution is the best hypothesis, he nevertheless did make us.

4) He further went on to say, and I am going from memory here, that God’s existence was not article of faith, but rather demonstrable by reason, per Vatican I.  And that therefore, far from having our faith over here and our Truly True Science over there, we rather see that both God and TTS are rooted in the camp of Reason.  Faith is grounded in reason.  Reason is illuminated by faith.


~ by Rob on March 4, 2009.

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