Pius Ncube

One of the most outspoken opponents of Robert Mugabe has been silenced by the Vatican just as the regime in Zimbabwe is at its weakest and his leadership would be most valuable.

Pius Ncube resigned as Archbishop of Bulawayo and left Zimbabwe in September 2007 after he was filmed sleeping with a married woman who was employed by the regime as a “honeytrap”. He returned last month after spending a year in exile in Rome and Britain, but the Roman Catholic Church has forbidden him from making any political statements.

If the above is true, then Brother Pius, I can’t understand why you say this:

[Pius] agreed that the gagging order meant that the Mugabe regime had succeeded in neutralising one of its most prominent critics. As archbishop, Mr Ncube repeatedly denounced Mr Mugabe’s misrule, championed nonviolent opposition to the Government, and defied death threats.

I would seem, Brother Pius, that the success of the Mugabe regime in neutralizing you was achieved, not so much when the Vatican silenced you, but rather when you fell into the “honeytrap”.  It would seem, perhaps, dear Brother Pius, that you may be projecting a tiny smidge of the blame somewhere other than where it really belongs.  And in so doing, if the report is true, you have then played, not only into the hands of the Mugabe regime, but also into the hands of the Press, to whom you have now handed another “Vatican cracks down…” story.  It would seem that, perhaps, an Archbishop who fell into a “honeytrap” (I love that!) should be even a little more silent than he already has been.  And maybe the Vatican was onto something.

But enjoy your 15 minutes, brother.  ‘Cause it comes on the Vatican’s dime.  ‘Cause you can be sure no one would ever have payed any attention to you if you had been just another sleazy bishop.  But now you’re The Maverick, The Prophet, The Silenced Voice in the Wilderness.  Like I say, enjoy it.



~ by Rob on December 9, 2008.

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