US heiress Martha von Bulow, who spent almost three decades in a coma but was still at the centre of 1980s courtroom dramas, has died at the age of 76.

This was the lede to a story at BBC News yesterday.  All good and well.  But I continued reading the article, searching for the propaganda that was sure to come.  And sure enough:

The von Bulows had been celebrating just before Christmas 1980 when Sunny von Bulow – who was then 48 and had a history of drug-consumption and heavy drinking – was taken ill in a dazed state.

Doctors concluded she had suffered brain damage that left her in a “persistent vegetative state”. Although she was kept alive on feeding tubes at an estimated cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, Sunny von Bulow never regained consciousness.

Translation: Come, now.  She was only a vegetable, and had only ever been a crack whore.  And we were forced to spend all that money on her that could have been given to the poor.  Or at least to people who weren’t crack whores.  And for what?  She never regained consciousness, you prig!  What a waste.  Let us all, then, unite to ensure that no “person” who happens to be particularly expensive or troublesome troubles us ever again.  And anyway, it would be wrong not to.  Just think how boring it would be to lie there for 3 decades.  We’d be practically doing them a favor.


~ by Rob on December 7, 2008.

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