Uterus Rights

Yep, you read that right.

During the discussion, Laura Von Harten, who represents Beaufort and Port Royal, but is not a member of the committee, said she won’t support the rezoning [of a local Catholic Church] when it comes before the full council because official Catholic policies are an “affront to my dignity and all of womankind.”

Von Harten cited the Catholic church’s position against female clergy and “uterus rights” as her reason for opposing the rezoning request.

“I don’t want to support anything that will perpetuate that,” she said. “I just have to vote in favor of love and not hate.”

The Catholic Church’s position against uterus rights.  Coming to a Supreme Court near you.  The uteri are on deck, folks.  Once the gays have their marriage, the uteri will be next to break the glass ceiling.  Speaking on the condition of anonymity, one uterus was quite blunt about his desire for full voting rights.  “There is no reason why I should be forced to endorse the views of my owner.  Just because I am not seen doesn’t mean I should not be heard.”



~ by Rob on November 24, 2008.

4 Responses to “Uterus Rights”

  1. Uh, Rob, shouldn’t that uterus be a she?

  2. Only if I weren’t a sexist pig!

  3. I’m forming the Uterine Rights in Action League (URinAL)!

  4. Jim. Nicely done. I pretty much chocked on my Twix. 🙂

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