Obama and Science

At work, I just noticed that someone has printed out an article from Chemical & Engineering News, dated November 10, 2008, entitled Obama and Science.  We are, of course, told that Obama is the most scientific of the sciency scientist, freeing us from the obscurantism of the past 8 years etc, etc.  That’s the kind of stuff one should expect to see for the next 8 years or so.  And I’m perfectly prepared to retch every time I hear it.  So, so far, nothing too big.

But the article goes on to tell us (and I quote):

[Our Glorious Leader] has pledged to end the ban on federal funding of research on embryonic stem cell lines created after Aug. 9, 2001, and to ensure that such research is conducted ethically and with rigorous oversight.

The first point to be made is, what the $%^$?  I am glad that you intend to harvest tiny human beings for their “organs” in an ethical manner.  Otherwise, it might be a sin crying out to heaven for vengeance.  So I’m definitely put at ease on that front.  But one more question comes to mind for all you Death-Eaters out there (who by some cataclysmic celestial event happen to read this):

If you do not believe that embryos are tiny human beings, what on earth could ever possibly be unethical about it?  And if it is a tiny human being, then what oversight could ever render it ethical?  Or are you merely convening massive bureaucratic oversight committees to ensure that people are keeping accurate Scientific Notebooks?

Sin makes you stupid.


~ by Rob on November 14, 2008.

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