Wedding at Cana

The more I think about this mystery, the more I think it is the complete package, with respect to justification.  Some elements to flesh out:

Wedding: The marriage of the Bridegroom and the Bride.  That is, Christ and the Church.  Born from his side, the New Eve, they are now one flesh.

Purification: The water that is turned into wine.  The water fills the containers that were used for ritual purification.  The water of ritual purification is turned into the wine of the Holy Spirit, truly cleansing us.

Obedience: We cannot turn the water to wine ourselves, yet our obedience is necessary for Jesus to do it.  The purification vessels must be filled with water before Jesus can change it to wine.  And the verse is quite clear that they obeyed to the letter of the law, filling the vessels to the brim.

Mary: Mary cannot change the water to wine.  And yet she mediates for us, bringing our needs to Jesus’ attention.  She encourages us to obey, which is necessary for our water to be turned to wine.

Jesus: Only he can change the water to wine.  He is the one who makes the impossible possible.

Grace: Evident in what Jesus does, that we couldn’t do.  We are dependent on him.  And also brought out in the lavishness of the new wine, which is much better than the old.  The wine of the Holy Spirit is given.

Old covenant to new: This comes out both in the contrast between the ritual water purification and the purification of the Holy Spirit.  The covenant of flesh versus the covenant of spirit.  And also in the first wine versus the new and better wine.


~ by Rob on October 25, 2008.

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