Good luck, Mr Berlusconi

You have a better chance of turning water to wine.  The weirdness of these things lies in the implicit assumption that there is no internal coherence to why Catholics do things.  We just sorta have arbitrary rules and laws and injunctions etc.  If we felt otherwise, we could simply change a few things.  Accomodate the latest fads and trends.  Like Episcopalians.  The thing about the divorce-remarriage-communion issue is that I typically feel that those in Catholic authority tend to skirt around the issue a bit.  Heck, I’ll be honest.  I think some recent popes have skirted the issue a bit.  Obviously, it’s a pastoral problem, and one wants the remarried to participate in the Mass and other activities to the extent that they can.  But this participation is never explicitly stated to be what it actually is (that I have seen): namely, undertaken with a view to repentance from mortal sin.  The reason you can’t receive is that you are in an adulterous relationship.  You are in a state unworthy to receive communion.  That’s why you can’t receive.  Yes, we want you in our midst, but you have to understand that you need to remedy your situation.  Somehow.  It’s not like everything is OK…you just can’t receive.  Things are actually quite bad, and that’s why you can’t receive.  And all this talk about “we want you here…don’t leave”, while good, is misleading without the full information.  And I think this misleading information is, in part, responsible for the perception of the Mr Berlusconis of the world.  That if they just lobbied hard enough.  If they just had the right connection.  Maybe…just mabe…


~ by Rob on June 23, 2008.

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