Suffering and God

So to put my thoughts into a little better alignment, based on the last post.

The human mind perceives the suffering of the innocent as an injustice.  This sense of injustice presupposes another entity, Justice, in the mind of the individual.  If Justice is a real thing to which the universe sometimes does not conform, then this Justice lies outside the meaningless flow of matter in the materialist universe.  Otherwise the sense of Justice is meaningless.  But we confess that it has meaning.  Therefore, the existence of Justice annihilates the atheistic theory of a materialistic universe.  Something (Justice?) or somebody (God?) exists outside the chain of causation, something or somebody to which/whom we appeal against apparent injustice.  So, far from disproving theism, suffering, or more specifically, our reaction to it, hints at the existence of something or somebody outside of nature.

This is then the jumping point into Lewis’ argument that only Christianity or Dualism appear to explain our predicament, which is: living in a non-materialist universe, cognizant of evil and longing for good.  But on further analysis, Dualism doesn’t provide the solution either.  At the core of Dualism is the notion that two separate powers are the sources of Good and Evil.  But the nature of evil is parasitic: it depends on Good for existence.  For to be active, the evil Power must have existence, intellect and will.  And these are goods.  Thus, far from independent entities, Evil is found to be dependent on Good for its existence.  And thus Evil cannot be God, for he is not the source of his own existence.  So despite the presence of evil and suffering, God is found to be good.


~ by Rob on June 18, 2008.

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