Hit and run

It would seem, in hindsight, the question put to me a while ago was a hit and run. I’ll admit that my first instinct was to assume such a thing. Usually, when you get a one sentence question, out of the blue, about “your take” on a specific biblical text, especially in the context of a pretty hard core Protestant (from all that I know) asking a Catholic, it ends up being the case of somebody trying to save you from your damnable traditions of men. But anyway, hopefully Empy at least came back for the answer. Even if he refuses to call home anymore.


~ by Rob on March 27, 2008.

One Response to “Hit and run”

  1. A lot of that is going to be a function of the tags that you have in your posts… I notice that posts tagged with “pope” or “Catholic” or some such else will from time to time all get the same generic proto-spam question by someone going through the tag surfter function (I would presume) and leaving the same question for all of us Cat’licks hoping that it will provoke us to think our way out of our “papism”.

    Ah well, keeps them off the street I suppose.

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