In reading the latter parts of Exodus, one is struck by much of the way that Old Testament worship prefigures New Testament worship.  The detail in the latter parts of book given to the description of the “worship space” is painstaking (and painful).  The Jews paid attention to every last detail, sparing no expense in the creation of beauty for their worship.  Lavish vestments, ornate statuary, massive altars.  But the similarities go beyond that to things like perfumed anointing oils, the bread of Presence, the perpetually burning lamp, and of course, the Shekinah presence in the tabernacle, dwelling in the midst of the people.  The Old Covenant was indeed fulfilled, but certainly not abrogated.

In the view of much of non-Catholic Christianity, it must seem like God had some kind of nervous breakdown around the first century.  He just couldn’t take it anymore: “Look guys, all that attention to detail that I exacted from you before was nice, but it’s too much now.  Tell you what.  Why don’t you just get together at each other’s houses, have a nice meal, talk about what I mean to you, and call it a day.  You know what?  Move it to Sunday too.”

I know there are vast theologies that must explain such views.  But…


~ by Rob on March 14, 2008.

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