So there are a bunch of new sins

Or so the press would have you believe.  Some poor Vatican guy happened to opine about all the new ways in which western society cries out to God for vengeance, and now apparently our catechisms are obsolete.  Littering is now apparently a mortal sin.  What is sadder than the fact that someone actually spun the story this way is the way that everyone swallows the story.  The view that sin is somehow the infraction of some arbitrary rule devised by scheming old guy in Rome.  And now Rome is going all 21st century, getting away from fornication, to be in touch with her inner Gaia.  Get thou a life!

Couple this with the ridiculous news story of late that Martin Luther is about to be reinstated into the fold, and you have some really sorry and sloppy news reporting.  And I should be paying attention to newspapers…why again?


~ by Rob on March 12, 2008.

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