Mental Note

If you’re a Catholic, and you’re interested in what other Catholics make of Hebrews 2:15, which verse happens to include the word “bondage”, be aware that you will find many interesting thoughts by various people on the bondage of Catholics. Of particular interest were thoughts put out by A True Church. I swear I didn’t go looking for this. These types of things just find me. At least they acknowledge they are not the true church. They’re just a true church. In any case, I at least have to admire:

a) their honesty: they admit the early church was the “Roman Catholic Church”; and

b) their gumption: who cares if the early church was “Roman Catholic”, they were also “Catholic liars”.

Fortunately for us (or at least, fortunate for Californians), a true church has popped up in Lake Hughes, CA, to deliver us from the errors of the disciples of the apostles. If only they had had a bible.


~ by Rob on January 10, 2008.

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