Insecurity and the 3rd Sorrowful Mystery

In light of the previous “reflection”, loosely so called, and further discussion with my wife, I am coming to see that insecurity lies at the root of much of…me. To say this is no real revelation, but I hadn’t before considered how widespread an issue it was. One would think that the Gospel would succeed in uprooting this silliness. But then one would have to think again. In any case, it is really interesting to me that this explains in large part why the third sorrowful mystery is, for me, the most sorrowful. When I am brainlessly mumbling my way through the mysteries, inevitably, the third will make me sit up and pay attention. If I ever get emotional, it’s over the third. And the third is attended by many flowery mental pictures, which simply does not happen with the others. As an example, I frequently imagine a host of angels, swords drawn and hovering over the necks of Christ’s persecutors, waiting for the word that inexplicably and awfully never comes. Why such a reaction?

Because the root of what is here happening to Christ is a profound humiliation and rejection. Apparently, this is more horrific for me than even a crucifixion.


~ by Rob on December 14, 2007.

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