From the Tocqueville Connection

You know, the Tocqueville Connection. The on-line source for insider French news and analyses. Hello? Anyway, this is from that source:

Until recently the Church also said an indulgence was applicable to babies who died before baptism, who were believed doomed to purgatory without the prayers of the faithful on earth in order to ascend to heaven. The Vatican abolished this doctrine earlier this year, ruling that this was an “unduly restrictive view of salvation.”

Say what? There is so much in these two sentences that one hardly knows where to start. The conflation of purgatory and limbo. The notion that limbo was a “doctrine”. That the “doctrine” has now been “abolished”. By the Vatican as opposed to a meaningless document from a meaningless group. That those in purgatory are “doomed”. That for some reason, certain individuals in purgatory are “without the prayers of the faithful on earth”. That babies who die before baptism go to purgatory. That the Church has said that indulgences apply to these babies in the past. And that now she doesn’t (well, I suppose that is true). And lastly, the strange use of the word “ascend”, although that is minor compared with the rest.

Classic stuff!


~ by Rob on December 6, 2007.

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