We went to see Bella the other day, which turned out to be a pretty good movie. Certainly, if your thing is special effects and death-defying stunts, then your money will be better spent elsewhere. But it was nice to see a life-affirming movie for a change.

What stood out more than the movie itself was the degree to which turning off your TV will make you see the culture differently. Prior to Bella actually starting, the theater was running its typical stuff, “The Twenty”, 20 minutes of time filled with juicy pop-culture tidbits. But it’s all so dumb. It wasn’t offensive. One piece was pretty amusing. It was just. So. Dumb. Yet this is what fills the minds of your average movie-goer. This is what, apparently, “they want”. We’ve noticed the same thing with respect to TV too. Turning it on every once in a while will inevitably force us to turn it off. What is this crap? Not that it’s offensive, though maybe some of it is. It’s just silly dreck, designed to distract us from reality, all with a healthy dose of “agenda” thrown in. Who needs it? Read a book. Play a game. With people watching so much TV these days, no wonder we’re where we’re at. Silly.

It was nice to see our friends apparently feel the same way. The defining moment was when some puff-piece was advertising that the soundtrack to some movie (I guess?) was comprised of original compositions by Shakira (I think?). I guess this is supposed to move product? All it got from our clan was muffled laughter. Someone said somewhere that laughing at the devil is the best cure against his wiles. It’s not hard when Shakira is part of his tactics.*

* Obligatory disclaimer: I know nothing about Shakira. I’m sure he/she is a nice person. I’m not saying he/she is satanic. I just am coming to realize more and more that TV, and the entertainment industry generally, is one big ploy to distract us from what really matters. As a healthy diversion, no problem. But as our sustenance, it’s pretty insiduous, and dovetails nicely with the devil’s plans to distract us from Reality.


~ by Rob on October 29, 2007.

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