Letter to the Editor

In light of the last post, I composed the following and sent it to the editor of the Philly Inquirer. I guess we’ll see if it makes the cut:

Responding to the recent editorial on Plan B Contraception (Help for rape victims), I appreciate the charitable tone taken on by the author. However, the argument there put forth does not engage the position of those who oppose Plan B. For we do not object that Plan B “end[s] a pregnancy”, but rather that it facilitates the ending of a human life by rendering the uterine lining less likely to receive an embryo for implantation. Our argument is not that Plan B “affects a fertilized egg”, but that it affects the uterine lining. As a pregnancy test can only detect human life post-implantation, another test designed to determine whether a woman had recently ovulated should also be conducted. Only armed with such knowledge could an abortion opponent make a choice to prescribe Plan B (or not) in good conscience. Or does the freedom to choose apply only to those of certain viewpoints?


~ by Rob on October 11, 2007.

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