Contemporary Christian (Crappy) Music, or A Treatise on Why Steve Camp is a Munch

I have never been a particularly huge fan of CCM, historically dubbing it as CC(C)M. Typically, the genre is so stale and derivative as to render it unlistenable. The lyrics are so predictable that even I could write them. And the music is typically third rate. I don’t like CCM. A few bands were able to put out some masterful art within the genre, but usually ended up paying for it with either their sanity or careers. More on one such band later.

For now I will comment only on Steve Camp. I was never a fan of his music, praise God. I only know of him (I think) because some of my friends were into him back in the day. Well, little Stevie-boy has been baring his fangs of late over at Jimmy Akin’s site. I don’t think there is an anti-Catholic* gibe he didn’t manage to drop within the 24 hour period. Same old stale gibes, too. Stale gibes from a stale musician.

I unfortunately lowered myself to his level and returned snarkiness for snarkiness. Like a jerk idiot-wad. Which is why I always tell myself to stay out of the fray in discussions of that sort. Why not listen to myself for a change?

* Look. I don’t expect Protestants to love Catholics. I don’t even expect them to understand Catholicism. They’re Prots, fer crying out loud. But you cross the line from Prot to anti-Catholic when you either 1) drop the familar slurs (Romanist, Harlot, Whore, and my fave, Romish) or 2) instead of treating the actual serious differences between Catholics and Protestants, you persistently (in the face of all evidence that is given to you) make crap up and treat that as a difference. That not only makes you an anti-Catholic, it diminishes your argument, the respect in which your interlocutor holds you, and makes you into a jerk idiot-wad like me. And all the while, you probably think you’re boldly proclaiming the truth to the natives. God is proud of you.


~ by Rob on August 9, 2007.

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