"This will be just like OJ"

I have been some what detached from this whole Michael Vick thing. There is much talk about it here at the office, especially spurred on by one particular person. This person loves animals. Nothing wrong with that. I regard my general apathy towards them as a defect. This person protects animals from abuse. Again, nothing wrong with that. In fact, it is to be praised. But the level of outrage that has been directed at this crime seems disproportionate. Now. I agree that Michael Vick should be punished, if he’s found guilty. Not just because I hate the Falcons, but because it’s a crime. Animals should not be abused.

My unease with this outcry, though, is best summed in the title to this post, which is a quote from a Letter to the Editor from some local rag. It is posted outside the office of my one particular co-worker. And it compares what Michael Vick is alleged to have done to what OJ was alleged to have done. It consists of equating the value of a human life to that of a dog. Or any animal. Killing a dog is as bad as killing a human in this person’s system. Which bespeaks bewildering confusion on some of the most basic aspects of humanity. But them’s the times we live in, aren’t they. You get a worse punishment in the state of Florida for doing to a dog what they did to Terry Schiavo. And in a recent article on the Vatican’s recent eco-friendliness, the author suggested that true environmentalists will not be impressed because the Vatican continues to claim supremacy for mankind.

So, I feel, in a way, that I cannot voice the normal level of digust I would feel towards the abuse of animals, because, in doing so, it feels like I would be affirming the world in its equivocation of human and animal life. Which I totally reject.

Remember. Humans are a scourge to be eradicated.


~ by Rob on July 30, 2007.

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