NFP, cont’d

Just catching up on Paul’s post, and subsequent spin-offs. I heartily agree with Paul and Kara. My initial post that spouted this conversation was only arguing against those who view NFP as almost intrinsically evil, only to be used under the most dire circumstances. That Catholics should be grounded in the fullness of Catholic moral teaching is clear. The extent to which NFP-ers are not so grounded is less clear to me, but surely is not necessarily rare.

I want to piggy back very briefly on Jenny’s excellent point, I think, that NFP cannot be used as a contraceptive, because it is not a contraceptive. This goes to the oft-heard claim that NFP can be used with a “contraceptive mentality”. Now, I understand the reality that the person is usually trying to convey when speaking like this, so this is really more of a quibble. But I still think it is misleading to speak of NFP and a “contraceptive mentality”. I’m not sure of a better way to phrase it, though. Seen as we need to have “just” reasons to practice NFP, maybe just saying that some people use NFP “unjustly” would suffice. Or that their reasons for using it are “disproportionate”. I think these phrases attempt to convey the same reality, while avoiding the unfortunate association of NFP with contraception, which it clearly is not, seen as it does not in any way attempt to frustrate the natural end of a marital act. Sin may be involved on some level, but it is not the sin of contraception.

Lastly, Paul’s family is, like, really really smart.


~ by Rob on May 15, 2007.

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