I will say that I don’t care much about the whole recent controversy surrounding whether Limbo is in Limbo. Whatever. I have come onboard the Ark long after this theological opinion had ceased to be taught in any meaningful way. I hope that unbaptized infants will get to heaven. I know that Limbo is still a valid theological option. What it comes down to is that I trust the Church.

However, in the midst of all these controversies that I don’t care about, it is a good thing to remember that many people do care about them. And not only to they care, they grieve that they think the Church is losing herself. And in so grieving, many are led to leave the Ark. Here is but one example. Sure, there are no doubt other reasons at work in this and other cases. But these types of “non-issues” are indeed issues for many. And can easily become stumbling blocks.

Lord have mercy on me. If you do not protect me, I will betray you.


~ by Rob on May 7, 2007.

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