Forty Martyrs of England & Wales

Today is their feast day. I have loved these guys and gals ever since I read about some of them in God’s Secret Agents, by Alice Hogge. I went to Mass this morning and, not only was nothing spoken of them, but nothing was even optional in the missalette. So I presume their celebration is purely a British thing. Which explains something of why I love them. What a heroic witness to the faith during very trying times.

From Catholic Culture:

The Forty Holy Martyrs of England and Wales are a group of forty men, women, religious, priests, and lay people who were canonized by Pope Paul VI on October 25, 1970. These people were executed for their Faith during a period of anti-Catholicism from 1535 to 1679. The Martyrs who were canonized were among more than two hundred martyrs who had been beatified by various earlier popes.

Some of the common “crimes” of these people were being priests, harboring priests, or refusing to take the Oath of Supremacy. This group of saints includes some well-known saints, such as St. Alban Roe, and St. Edmund Campion. Many of these saints are recognized on the days of their martyrdom, but as a group, they are recognized on the day they were canonized.

Holy Martyrs, pray for us!


~ by Rob on May 4, 2007.

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