Church Beligerent

There’s a great article in This Rock magazine this month, about how the Church Militant can so often act like the Church Beligerent. I’ll link to it when it finally comes online. However, the article seems to touch on so many of the things I have been thinking about recently.

E.g., how the constant scouring of blogs for the latest scoup on some Church-related issue tends to become more than simple curiosity, but a lack of faith in the divine mystery of the Church as the Bride of Christ, viewing the Church as a mere earthly institution, whose latest actions could presage doom.

E.g., the wrong motivations behind so much apologetics, i.e., scoring points instead of tearing down barriers to faith.

E.g., binding where the Church doesn’t bind, with the specific example of NFP used. I.e., the Church allows it, so you have no right to disparage it.

E.g., so much criticism leads to cynicism, and bars us from learning from the Church. Instead we’re always trying to teach the Church.

All in all, it tied in a bunch of the things that have lately made me feel like tuning out of all the internet hype, and just being your very average Catholic, living a very average life with my beautiful wife and son.


~ by Rob on May 4, 2007.

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