The Small Things

Tuesday nights, I go to the YMCA to go swimming. The pool schedule is such that I don’t get back until everyone is in bed and (hopefully) asleep. Coming in tonight, I was struck dumb. A warm peaceful night, with a cool breeze. As I get out of the car, I look up to my son’s room, which is dark, though I can perceive the dimness of his night light through the blinds. As I continue walking around the house to the back door, where I can sneak in quietly without disturbing anyone, I perceive the darkness of my bedroom, where my wife also lies asleep. Though again, I can just perceive a faint light from our night light. Oh, the glory of the most high God, who gives us these massive gifts that we so often take for granted. How precious this life we have been given. I was struck dumb tonight, with gratitude.


~ by Rob on April 24, 2007.

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