The Deadliest Sin

I have said earlier that I just want to be Catholic. That is apparently the same sentiment as the author of this article, who writes:

We’re all working out our salvation with fear and trembling (Phil. 2:12). My spiritual director has helped me realize that the future of the Catholic Church doesn’t depend on me being its self-appointed bouncer. He’s also taught me to hate my own sins more than I hate the sins of others. Lust may be one of the seven deadly sins, but so is pride and wrath.

So true.

It is a temptation for so many “good” Catholics. The sin of pride, of thinking that we are better than The Dissenters, that God must be so gloriously happy that we are alive and in his Church and praying rosaries and visiting abortion mills. These things are good, but do we view them as things we feel like doing because we are good, or things we need to do because we are not good enough. And never will be. And will always need his grace from moment to moment.

The saints despise their works. What is our attitude towards ours? Do we think that we are doing God a good favor by going to Mass on Sundays?

Or are we simply amazingly lucky to be held in being from moment to moment?


~ by Rob on April 13, 2007.

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