Happy Easter

We rose happy as a bird this morning, to greet our Risen Savior. He is risen! And then we went to church and had Mass “inflicted” on us. I struggle very much with cynicism and bitterness sometimes, even at Mass, where from week to week, you simply never know what you are going to get. And I feel sad that I react that way. Very discouraging that the “source and summit” of our lives becomes one more trial to endure with patience and perseverance. I blame myself. Not the “professional liturgist” or whoever was responsible for that train wreck this morning.

Part of the problem was that, my wife having gone to the 3:00 pm Good Friday Mass, I was left to go to the 7:30 pm one. Bad idea. Simply put, twangy guitars and crooning Joni-Mitchell-wanna-bes do not adequately convey the solemnity and “darkness” of the Good Friday liturgy. I have a hankering that it doesn’t convey the solemnity of anything, but that’s another fight. But Good Friday? C’mon. Twang. Father, into your hands. Twang. I commend my spirit. Twang. Not.

So I was overdue for some serious liturgy. And our parish has been getting better of late, under our new administrator. So there was reason to hope. Crushed! They hired (meaning, I presume they paid for this) some “professional” choir to come in and…sigh. The first hymn was glorious, but that was all we got. The rest was a mixture of African tribal music, with some flute, tamborines, bongos and heavens-knows-what thrown in. And the recessional closed with a full-on happy-clappy drums-raging…thing. The gloria was unsingable. Which is kind of a big deal after you haven’t sung it in so long. And the Alle-alle-alle-luuiiiaaa (as opposed to the Alleluia) would have been hysterically funny had it not been so sad.

All I can say is that I hope this had been scheduled long before our adminsitrator signed on. And judging by the look on his face at the recessional, there may be some reason for hope…



~ by Rob on April 8, 2007.

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