I alluded to my reiki experience previously. At a work safety meeting, one of the presentations was on the benefits of reiki. ??? WTF??? Anyway, go figure. Our Diocesan Newspaper has been running a series on the wackeries of new age junk, reiki being one of them. I hadn’t been reading them, as I have been pretty well immunized from that crap from my Prot days. However, on returning to my desk, I did a quick search on reiki, to confirm where exactly the inconsistencies with Catholicism are (hint: spiritual energies). And the first hit was the Diocesan Newspaper. Way to go, guys! Anyway, from that article, a couple of good reads came up:

1) Letter To The Bishops Of The Catholic Church On Some Aspects Of Christian Meditation, by the CDF

2) Jesus Christ the Bearer of the Water of Life: A Christian Reflection on the New Age, by the PCC and the PCID

Haven’t read the second one yet, but the first one is good primer on Catholic meditation. By Pre-16.

As to why my work is promoting this, well, I presume they were approaching it from the angle of it being a way to bring yourself into unon with your body, or a way to take care of your body. But the speaker went beyond that, speaking of being a channel for energies, and it’s really just the “power of Christ and Buddha to heal” etc. Again, WTF??? I’ll hold my breath until we see a work presentation on the power of the sacraments to heal.


~ by Rob on April 7, 2007.

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