Innocence Mission

OK. So I love the Innocence Mission (IM). Lots of songs make people want to do certain things. Call it the power of music. IM music makes you want to live with them (they are a husband and wife and a bassist). Their music radiates the holiness of everyday life, the holiness of everyday encounters. Holiness in the mundane. Joy in the midst of difficulty and sadness. It makes you want to have more children. Makes you want to go to Mass. Makes you want to get up early and share a sunrise with your wife or son. And their latest album (do people still say that?), We Walked in Song, is no different.

The main songwriter is Karen Peris. She has the gift of being able to wrap the things we all long for the most (and may not even know it) in the simplest of expressions. And if you aren’t paying attention, you will miss it. At least at first. Then suddenly, later, when you are singing under your breath at the gas station, the lyrics clock you upside the head, revealing depths you had not anticipated. Recently, this has been the case with the following lyric, from A Wave is Rolling:

The time of mistakes –
will it ever change to another time,
like a season when the snow
will slide off the house
and leave the house clean?

The whole of life is wrapped up into the most simple and stunning image.


~ by Rob on April 5, 2007.

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