Death of Apologetics

Part of why this site has gone unused for so long is that…well, I guess it’s several reasons.

1) It was really started as a place to store the Pope’s Wednesday Audiences. Turns out there’s, like, another million such sites out there. Totally unnecessary to do it here.

2) I had wanted to address certain apologetic issues that had been burning in my gut. Because, you know, I know stuff, so God therefore MUST be calling me to start an apologetics blog and save the freakin’ world. The pride in such a statement is best left undissected. The problem is, I now hate apologetics. With, as a friend might say, the seven million fires of hell (loose paraphrase). Not that it’s not useful. It is. I just hate it. And it’s not related to the fact that I can no longer be interested in the question “Was Mary really sinless, dude?”. It’s much deeper. Because, you know, I’m sooo deep.

a) (because this post is apparently going to be all numbered and lettered) I ain’t got time. Period. The thing about being a good Dad and husband is that I. Just. Don’t. Have. The. Time. To write long dissertations about why the bible proves (proves, I say) purgatory. I have diapers to change. Toilet time to oversee. Sleep to sleep. Prayers to pray. Work to do. Blah. No time.

b) In distracting me from the things I really need to do, I end up one step closer to hell. Literally. God has given me things to do that are in line with my vocation as Father and Husband and Desk Jockey. To neglect these duties is to neglect his will. And to neglect his will is, at best, a very dangerous proposition.

c) The people one generally interacts with have precisely zero interest in anything you have to say. They are convinced of their view, and they are just looking for a good fight. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that this didn’t also apply to me.

d) Who in the blazing hell am I? Seriously. And, no offense, who are you, dear interlocutor? Two guys with half an education and a bible. Why should it matter what I have to say on the matter. I recognize that this is probably more a function of really settling into Catholicism and that my dear Protestant friends would probably not bat an eye at such a predicament. One would like to think that it’s not necessarily the proverbial checking of the brain at the door (but maybe it is). But, really. Christians have believed things for millenia. Who are we to judge what is true and not?

e) Rotten fruit. With very few exceptions, all apologists of any stripe are obnoxious prigs. Me included. I don’t want to be angry all the time. I want to be happy. (So I’m checking my brain at the door.) Be they RadTrads who hate the New Mass or Catholics who hate Protestants or [insert label here] with their own pet axe to grind.

f) In the end, I just want to be your average Catholic. Which, all things considered, I think I was trying to avoid by holding out hopes of becoming a Master Apologist, 3rd Class. Ask me all your questions, I am Super-Catholic. Well here’s the thing. I ain’t. Surprise! Whatever I might know clearly does not filter down into the way I live my life any more than it does for those who might not know it. I’m just your average run-of-the-mill Catholic. And I love it. A rowdy bunch of sinners, screwballs and lazy asses.

g) Mind you, I do want to be an average good Catholic. I want to believe the truth. But where the Church has not spoken, I have no business speaking. I am not to bind what has not been bound. I am not ahead of the Church. I am not more Catholic than the Pope. I am not. More on this some other time.


~ by Rob on April 4, 2007.

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