Response to James White

Originally posted on this thread at Jimmy Akin’s blog:

I read James White’s thing…wow…pompous. But besides that, I don’t understand what’s so hard. So, the Pharasees believed their tradition to be of divine origin. Jesus accuses them of having thereby gutted a divine precept as set forth in the Old Testament scripture. So their tradition was not of divine origin, after all. OK. Does JW think we are unaware that all that claims to be of divine origin is not necessarily so? Well, newsflash…we do. The question becomes, how do we differentiate between divine and human traditions, both categories which we know exist from scripture itself?

JW’s argument runs that Jesus used only scripture, and therefore that is all that is left open to us. Fantastic. Except Jesus ain’t here to give us the right interpretation of scripture, by which we are supposed to judge the tradition. (That there are multiple interpretations of scripture need not be seriously defended.) What, I’m just supposed to take JW’s word that his interpretation is the right one? Gee, do you think his interpretation of scripture might conflict with (Roman) Catholic tradition?

Not having Jesus around to accurately interpret scripture for me, I am left to cast around for some other authority. To whom should I turn? JW? Or maybe the Church that has an unbroken succession from the apostles, that was around 1500 years before his church was pooping its diapers?

I will pray that JW will one day have the courage to measure his human traditions (e.g., sola scriptura) by the light of the fullness of the word of God, both oral and written.


~ by Rob on June 9, 2006.

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