Mary Lactans

Amy Welborn led me to this link, about Mary Lactans. Actually, not so much about her, as about breastfeeding in general. But there are copious images of her from down through the ages. And that’s the part, my wife notwithstanding, that I am most interested in. It shows the healthy relationship with the body that is maintained within the walls of Catholicism. We are so at ease in our flesh that we have no qualms about creating devotional icons of the Most Holy Mother of God breastfeeding the Creator of the Universe. She is indeed mother. And he did indeed assume our human and flesh. And in assuming it, redeemed it. And on this Feast of the Ascension, raised our human nature, at one with his resurrected body, into glorious and mystical communion with the Most Holy Trinity. There is no longer such a thing as being merely human. We are gloriously human, a composite of flesh and a spiritual soul.


~ by Rob on May 25, 2006.

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